Use PhysioUK to advertise your course

Would you like to advertise your course through us?

To date we have largely only advertised the events that we run ourselves. However, we have frequently been approached by others with respect to advertising their events. We have been reluctant to advertise without the reassurance of an events quality beforehand. As such, we have discussed this at length and have decided on a strategy that will allow us to make some judgement with respect to this, whilst allowing others to benefit from our advertising network.

If you would be interested in this opportunity, download the 'Advertising your Event on PhysioUK' details by clicking here. This gives you a description of the screening process that we have agreed on. In addition to this, if it results in an ongoing partnership, then we would be keen to attend one of the events, to further scrutinise the course. Feedback on the course with respect to educational content and both structure and clarity of teaching can be offered, if desired. 

The financial arrangement with respect to this advertising would be a percentage of the course fee for every referral that results in a successful paying participant. If we recruit no one, it cost you nothing. Simple.

We hope this will be attractive to you. If anything is unclear please feel free to drop us an email via our contact page.